Eat the rich

Eat the rich…

Come on baby, eat the rich. To make good soup, need those people with excess fat to make the broth more tasty. The one per cent made 3.7 trillion more profit. The lower class(They call us) people in the ninety-nine percent lost 3.9 trillion.

Some crazy lady told us.” Eat babies.” Please leave the babies alone. They did nothing wrong yet. They are eating dogs and cats in North Korea. Please leave the dogs and cats alone, we need them to protect us against the rich. But those people living in secure homes, eating like pigs. Giving 20 cent raises to workers and getting richer and richer. They could be a tasty treat for the people with less.

I live in a place. If you cross a intersection. One side, burn-down buildings, hungry people and homeless. The other side of the road. Million dollars houses, a police force, great schools and they don’t see the poor. They are  eating their steak and laughing at the downfall of the people on the other side of the intersection.

I would recommend meat tenderizer for the old ones. Old people can be tough to chew. The rich millionaires in Washington D.C. gave the struggling USA 1,800 dollars this year. Just enough to survive a month in the messy and hard world. I would recommend eating politicians and lawyers first.

Come on baby, eat the rich. If we don’t. They may eat us next.