Motörhead : Eat the Rich [1987] [reblog]

My new favorite song. “Eat the rich.” Thank you Marina for the song.

Marina Kanavaki

from Oannes *

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Σε τελευταία ανάλυση, εκεί οδηγείται το πράγμα…

In the final analysis, this is where this whole thing is heading to…


❝ They say music is the food of love
Let’s see if you’re hungry enough
Take a bite, take another
Just like a good boy would
Get a sweet thing on the side
Home cooking, homicide
Side order, could be your daughter
Finger licking good
Come on baby, eat the rich
Put the bite on the son of a bitch
Don’t mess up, don’t you give me no switch
Come on baby, and eat the rich
Come on baby, and eat the rich
Sittin’ down in a restaurant
Tell the waiter just what you want
Is that the meat you wanted to eat?
How would you ever know?
Hash browns and bacon strips

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