I lived and died in your love. You were my sweetest nights and loneliness days. I would do it again, even knowing the ending.


             Play me…

Your hands upon my wanting skin, gentle and soft, your touch make me come alive. You make me want to live and die in your arms. You are my salvation and you are my greatest sin. Please play me my dear love. I will sing a song of your beauty till my last breathe.   


I loved her hour glass figure and the way the jazz song make her hips move. I told her. Cecelia, Cecelia, my pretty. Take me with you. I will go anywhere with you. She smiled and she whispered. The Johnnie Walker whiskey is tasting good tonight and you can make me smile. You damn poets love the night shade and the comfort of the jazz songs. Maybe yes, maybe no? What do you need Johnnie? I told her. I don’t want everything, I want you near and sweet. I can’t promise you yesterday, I can promise you now, a dance and a kiss at midnight. Maybe Cecelia, we can find a safe place for us to wanderlust and enjoy the taste of the whiskey? She smiled and she took my hands and she looked into my eyes. She whispered. You are a brave man and you have captured my heart.

                         John Castellenas/Coyote