A thousand kisses deep- Cohen’s song morning.

A thousand kisses deep….

We found love with the birth of September sweet wine and the Indian Summer of late October in Germany.
You were a beauty and a sweet dream, blond hair and eyes of blue. You stole my thoughts and my heart.

We drank the sweet wine of September and danced with the celebrating kids by the small lake. We would hold embrace and share long and sweet kisses.

We learn the secrets of skin and need. We needed the tenderness and the roughness in the same caress.. Using hands, touch and kiss like a canvas of a painter. We discover love can expand and grow out of control.

You were my Autumn love and we shared a thousand kisses and we tried to stay warm in the cold days of Winter.

Spring came. Life stole us away to different places. I was off saving people who did not want to be saved. You were moving on to new dreams and life. We attempted to keep the love alive, but the sweetness and wildness of youth.  Make the value of love dispersed to sweet dreams and forgotten places.

Today I dream of being young and the thousand kisses shared. Sweet memories for a old heart.

     John Castellenas/Coyote