Faded into you…


(This Poem is rated Mature and may contain material unsuitable for readers under 18.)

Faded into you…

To and fro the fool shall wander. Once hopeful man wanted a sweet gal and a perfect life. Now he loved the Jazz clubs and the songs. He had the sweetest gal once and he learn. Sweet girls want honest men who don’t want to steal and borrow only. He learn, he was just a thief, who always wanted more.

He loved the Low, Low, low man jazz club. Last one near the sea. The whiskey was cheap and the women dark, greedy and demanding. They didn’t want love no-more. They wanted to feel alive.

He went to the Jazz club early. Happy hour till nine and the heavy drinkers were drinking the three dollar Johnnie Walker whiskey shots and the two and half dollar Jim Beam shots. He sat next to Helena, a natural beauty with ginger hair and eyes of blue. She wore her black low-cut dress showing off her robust breasts and the knee-high dress showed off strong and pale legs. He told her. Hello Helena. You could tempt Jesus, you are so beautiful tonight. She laughed at his words and she told him. The Monterey dark poet telling me lies tonight. Maybe I was a beauty once? Johnnie, are you buying the whiskey or just talking tonight?

He ordered two-sets of the three-fingers of the Johnnie Walker. She smiled and she reached over. Kissed his face and his lips. She whispered to the three-fingers of whiskey. Thank you Johnnie. I need to forget who I am tonight. He told her. Dear Helena, you and I both. I am good at swimming in shit and sometimes I need a pretty face, a kind voice. I need you too sweetie.

She sat closing and brought his hand to rest on her bare knee and she sang to him. “Taste me, break me, kiss me, make my skin come alive. Suck me dry till I can’t breathe no-more. Make me feel like a wanted woman. I need to feel adored, I need to feel beautiful and I need someone to make me smile.”

He raised the first finger of the Johnnie Walker and he told her. To the dead, maybe they can know rebirth? She touched his glass and they drank the whiskey down. He raised the second finger of the Johnnie Walker and he told her. To you my beautiful Helena. I hope you find some peace tonight. She touched his glass and they drank down the whiskey. She took the third finger of the Johnnie Walker and she whispered. To life, to tonight, maybe a happy ending? He touched her glass and they drank down the whiskey.

He ordered two double shots of the Johnnie Walker and Helena held his right hand tightly. She smiled and she asked. Ever made love to a drunk woman Johnnie? He told her. You and I have been here before and I wanted more of you. You and I, we love the whiskey, we love to be bare-ass near the sea. We don’t seek love no-more, we seek comfort, pleasure and we accept the demand of the body now. I like you when you are wild, demanding and loco. Not swimming in old memories. I like when you scream and smile. She smiled and she asked him. Do I taste good? He told her. You taste like a warm Summer day, you taste like a dream and you make me want more. We are a mess dear Helena and I love your mess. We know. You and I. Just borrowers of kisses, the taste of the skin and dance. We seek the ambrosia in a world wanting everything pretty. Few things are pretty my beloved.

She smiled and she drank down the Johnnie Walker and he ordered more. She asked him. Will you write me a poem tonight? I want a poem where love can win and love is forever. He brought her closer and he kissed her hard. He whispered as he kissed her ear. I will write a epic poem for you, where I faded into your skin and we became one. A story that  will last forever in the eyes of the moon and the stars my beautiful Helena.