Do you regret, things left undone?

Do you regret, things left undone?

My mama song was easy. She wanted her cigarettes, her cold beer and she loved her dogs. She didn’t want so much and I asked the night. Do you regret, the things left undone?

No easy life for no-one. We will become old, the bones in our body will hurt and the things we love. They will leave us. I know, everyone had a story to be written.

Dear mother, she did life her way. This was the good way. We cannot forget who we are, what we are. Life is good days and bad days. And time is a thief.

One day we will awake alone, sore body and death is waiting for us to give in. In the silence of the last minutes. What do we remember?

Do you regret, things left undone.

Mother pain is gone, life sadness is left behind. I pray she found the people, she loved. I hope she is dancing with old missed friends and she is singing a happy song with them. Mother taught me. Do what you love. Be who you are. Be brave and don’t follow the path of the lonely people.

Tonight I will drink Johnnie Walker alone, to her. I will tell the night. I am like father, I am like mother. Please Spirit of life and death. Allow a kind heart in. Dear Mother is coming home.