Some mercy now… Mary Gauthier song.

 Some mercy now…

Just a man, he had worked and he had worked. Yesterday man, sat by the Clinton river. He loved the sun on his face. He prayed to the falling sun, old world need some mercy now. Please lord of life and death, caress my world with the mercy of forgiveness. Hate is a heavy burden, regret can be a heavy load to carry and kill our hope. Please allow the hearts filled with sadness, to find the path to new places and new happiness.

                   I love you more…

The old man watched his grandchildren play, they run and run, they laugh and sing. He remember his dear grandmother. A Ojibwa woman with a heart of gold. She told him, Johnnie, be like the wolves and run free, never allow the walls to become a prison, forgive the sinners, don’t hold on to old hate. Love your children, teach them, the world is the forest, the sea and the mighty mountains. Teach them to be kind. My grandchild come to me and he told me. I love you Grandpa. I kissed his forehead and I told him. I love you more.

                         Dancing Coyote