Daily Archive: August 1, 2021

We lived once and what did we leave behind?…

We lived once and what did we leave behind? The year 2021 was a hard one. I lost my mother. She was a good woman who stood his ground, loved her cigarettes, her… Continue reading

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The black night and the shadow dance

The black night and the shadow dance….. A long time ago in the late night hours of Tubingen, Germany. You and I were wild and free. The yearly Summer festival was alive and… Continue reading

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‘An evening sun’ #poem #poetry #writing

Originally posted on Visionary Poems:
An evening sun Swathed in ribbons of lilac Shimmered diaphanous In the crepuscular light As the sky turned From a dazzling blue To shades of night  That intoned from a hymnody Of mournful eventide songs In…

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