I need a wild gal…

I need a wild gal…

We have the long highway going west and your hair is dancing freely with the wind. I watched you view the sun with your beautiful emerald eyes with the window, all the way down. 

I told you. Helena, beautiful Helena. I love you so. When I look into your eyes, I see the sea, the free forest and I know. Life is now.

Once I was shackle, my mind locked-up and I forgot to see the beauty in my world. A kind and generous ginger hair gal came to me. She told me, I like the whiskey, I like midnight dances, I love the sea and I love the word-men who can make words dance. Please write a poem for me dark poet?

“Helena, beautiful Helena.

Please make me believe,

love is true, love is wonderful.

I love you my ginger hair bonnie gal.

I want to live and die in your arms.

When you are near,

I want to love more, I want to dance more, I want to drink more.

You are my ambrosia kiss, my taste of nectar to make me see.

We need the mercy of love near.

You are my wonderful, my miracle and please come away with me.

Let’s trick the Gods and show them. Love can be true.”

You smiled and you whispered. Be careful what you wish for. Us, ginger hair girls, we can teach you the secrets hidden in the corridors of the darkness. We can show you places that you will learn to be addicted to. We can steal your mind, your heart. Are you brave enough?

I told her. I would follow you anywhere, everywhere dear Helena. I am brave enough. You looked into my eyes and you whispered. A promise is a promise. A promise made is tattoos on our minds, our skin, our hearts. Let’s keep going west till we can kiss the Pacific. We will make love under the moon and the stars tonight. I will be your love and you will be my love till the end of time.