Miss you, need you..

 Miss you, need you…

I am drinking alone beautiful Coco. Somehow I forgot where Texas was and I am so damn lonely. I have called you at midnight, every night for a week. I left messages on your telephone and I just said. Miss you, love you. The war is over for me and I am home. If you still love me, I am here in Austin and I would never leave you this time. I can’t un-love honey and if you need me. Please call me back and I will run back to you dearest Coco.

The tavern was dark and the music was good. The pretty waitress Susie asked me. Johnnie, Johnnie. Does Coco know you in Austin? She will be pissed-off if she found out you were in her city and you didn’t say hello. She thoughts something bad happen to you. I told her. I called her and if she needs me. She can find me Susie and please another Long Island ice tea.

I wrote to my journal.

“Beautiful Coco. You were my Texas sweet tea, you were my Texas hurricane and I remember how you ran to me. Bare, smiling and you made me feel so damn alive. Your kisses, so sweet, so demanding and skin against skin. I felt your need to love me and I loved you so. I needed you so.

Do you remember me? I remember you. Tonight is my last stand in Texas. If you need me? if you love me still? I will wait till midnight and if you don’t need me no-more. I will travel down highway 35 and never look back. Maybe love wasn’t our blessing?”

Susie came to me and she hugged me. She kissed my forehead and she whispered. Coco is coming, she called and I told her. You were waiting for her. She told me. Make you stay till she is here. I told Susie. Thank you honey.

She smiled, released me and I felt soft arms around me and I saw a beautiful woman with tears in her eyes. She told me. I am sorry Johnnie, I was in Dallas. She kissed my face, my lips and brought her body near. I told her. I thought you forgot me beautiful Coco. You were my sweetest dream, the only tender touch of love, I ever knew. Your beautiful face, your kind words and the memory of holding you near, kept me alive in the shit of war. Do you still need me still?

I kissed the falling tears away from her face and she whispered me. Johnnie, Johnnie. You ain’t going no-where no-more. I will take you home and make you feel safe. No-more war for you and I didn’t forget you. You forgot me and I prayed you didn’t die and you came back home to me. Please stay with me in Texas and we will find the sea. Make love till noon, drink less and create a safe place for us to be reborn. We will watch the sunrise and we will wait for the moon and the sun to kiss. I kissed her warm lips and I told her. Your wish is my wish beautiful Coco.


© 2021 Coyote Poetry