Father’s eyes…

Father’s eyes

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"It is hard not to follow your Father’s footsteps. But we must sometimes."    

                   Father’s eyes and anger…
                        7 April 2009

   (Part one. Wiser and smarter man.  Need to think before we speak. Words can be like knifes to the heart and

Is my Father’s eyes and anger.
Are they mine’s now?

I told you.
I loved you,
I needed you.

Love should bring kindness.

A hidden demon.
Can strike without thought.

Sweet friend.
Kind lover.
Did you see the monster?

I tried to lock the demon up.
He tried to escape.

I must walk away for a moment.
Deep breathe and counting to ten.

My world is falling apart.
Like my Father’s world did too.
He took the bad road.
Pissed off and violence.

I will keep quiet.
Do my best to stay strong.
Ain’t easy when your world is falling down around you.

We need kind words.
We need a lot of patience.
A lot of love.

I will pray to the God of life and death
Give me wisdom and strength.


                        My Father…

                (Written on 19 November 1989)

When I look into the mirror.
Do I see you my father?

Have I become what I despised all my life?
Have my eyes.
Your violence become mine’s.

Everyday I learn more loss.
Loss of dreams,
lost of desires.

Will I become like you?
Give up.
Show spirit only when I’m violence or excited?

Can I stop my journey to man-hood?
My eyes from hiding tears.

Have I travel too far?
Is the blood too strong?

Am I destine to hurt everyone?
I have loved.

If I chose my own road.
Why do I follow my father sadness?