Love and hate…

Love and hate

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"I wrote this back inn 1993. Young woman wanted everything and nothing. I told her life is long and hard. We must try to be kind."               

       Love and Hate…

 She spoke of love and hate in the same sentence.

I asked her did she know the difference?

She wanted my affection and wanted to escape.

Now our love had turn dirty.

Like love was drowning her somehow.

I asked does she want to be free?

A tear rolled down her young beautiful face.

I told her. Life is a bloody roller coaster ride.

The decision of to give or to take.

It is our road to decide?

Today it may not matter to you.

All things good and bad  will fade away with time.

I don’t hold on to things that desire  to be free.

The only proof of true love is time.

Stay with me if you desire? “

                          John Castellenas
                            17 Oct. 1993