Love Letter

Amazing poetry shared by a talented writer.

The Poet of Belmont Street

A world of hoarfrost and hot springs;
dancing wolves and Kodiak grizzlies;
a midnight sun that never sleeps
accompanied by asilver moon
serenaded by Chinook winds;
the aurora borealis embracing
sentinel snow capped mountains.

You are art in motion;
a land that exhibits beauty
etched and woven
into the fabric of space.
The glorious presence of
Your grace permeates
every particle, root, leaf,
ember, droplet, and stone.

A world ofrain;
umbrellas of archaic design;
with enough coffee to
fill the Pacific Ocean;
inhabitants who dress
in Art Deco style.
And I see You winding colorful
ribbons of connection between us,
drawing me closer to You.

You found me in the dark,
drawing me out with a silence
that spoke louder than
the shouting voices of a
world who would have
me believe that You do not exist.
Manipulating my mind to assign
meaning to their conformity.
But you are unfathomable,

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