(Last time I saw my grandfather in 1991. He died when I was in Iraq. We are made by great people. Our mentors taught us how to live. My grandfather ensured I knew. Never a excuse for racism and be kind.)


I saw my face  in the mirror at Chucky’s Cheese and I was surprised to see a old man looking back. I was sixty two years old. Holding my Grandson. His first birthday was today. His big smile and laughter made me smile. My old face didn’t look so bad.

I stop and did a silence prayer to the Spirit of life and death. I thank them for this day. I pray my five Grandchildren and all children have a fair chance at life in this world..

My eyes have eroded with time. Can’t see nothing without my glasses. My hard living made my mind weaker. I need to write notes for reminders or I may forget. I don’t run no more. I still can walk like a Soldiers.

My baby girl is twenty five now. She is turning into a beauty like her mother. She is texting 10 times per minute. I caressed  the back of her head. Give her twenty dollars for more games.

She gives me the boredom look. I smiled and watched her wander off. I do a silence prayer. Being thankful for four healthy children and five healthy grandchildren. I walk behind my two grandsons. Their eyes wide open to the world around them.

I sit and watch them play in the small kids section. I wonder how our leaders in the USA think? Why the discussion of War is more important then education and hunger?

Their children will pay for our waste and sins too. Our hate and fear will destroy their future for all the children
in this world.

I sit on the floor. My two grandchildren are climbing on me. They are having the time of their life.

I pray a silence prayer for the day. When children can grow up in  a world that is safe and all the children have a fair chance at a good life.

I’m thankful for this day.