My secret love

My secret love…

Once brave man is quiet now. Bloody life led him to lonely place and the Monterey bay. He called a old phone number and he listened.

A sweet voice whispered. I am not home. If important, please leave a message and I promise to call you back. He hung-up the phone and he whispered to the Pacific.  I love to hear your voice, your whispering of kind words, poetry for me, my love.  And I wish.

You were near. I need your soft hands caressing my hair and my face. I want you to straddle me,  face to face.  I want you to kiss me a million times. I want you to sing to me till the morning sunrise and I need to hear your voice. 

Sometime we need secrets and some mystery of wishes. Oh, what we could have been. He  invited her to California, he invited her to Texas. In Georgia, he called her at 4 am and she told him. Rambling and traveling man. I am waiting for you in Michigan. When you settle down, please call me. Please come home soon. Me and baby Anne is very lonely and we miss you.

He had learn he cannot have everything. The Hemingway life led him to lonely pier and a secret love, 2500 miles away. Kind woman with pretty words to share. His salvation,  is myth and tale now.

He drink the beer slowly, watched the sea and he told the stars and the moon: I love you my secret love, more than you shall know. You will be my final wish.