Lê Vĩnh Tài | you enjoy watching me (44a)

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By Lê Vĩnh Tài, translated by Nguyễn Thị Phương Trâm



you enjoy watching me
pick out each flower in my hair
run your hands around my waist

ruffling my hairy quills each morning
night, I’m a quad-horn-stag
my hooves hid by rays of light

it’s the easiest way I could
take off or change my clothes

my hair
as you’re aware
removing each flower
meant you removing
each person at a time
come back
to me
embrace me
untangle my hair

like a bull’s horn
your fingers
the silk

the fragrant
fragrant flesh
shall covet you
as a rose
swallows the sting
of a bee
the look of you
your red flower

the clothes on my chest
my waist
my wide hips
you shifting my legs

you can but stare
at the one thing
the image of the heart

bạn thích…

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