Wonderland War

A amazing poem by a talented writer.

You Lil Dickens

Dedicated to My Joe, Lily Lorelai June, and John Joe Fitzgerald

I’d gladly bring the circus to you, a bag of peanuts too

Anything to make you smile. Anything for you.

Ladies and Gentlemen — Boys and Girls — Welcome to the Show!

The Ringmaster bellows…

You’re in for a treat, my fine gals, and fellows!

The spotlight shines bright

I make my grand entrance and take my first step of the night

High above the crowd in the big top

On the tightrope, I walk

What a magnificent view and I fear not!

I know you’d catch me if I fall, so I don’t worry, not at all!

Now, I’m a lion jumping through great hoops of fire

Then, a contortionist putting on a shiny sparkling spectacle

In one motion, I front flip and twist off the top of my pedestal

Stick my landing, begin to bend, and twist…

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