I need a wild gal….

I want a wild gal….

She wore her Sunday best and the smile of a angel.

I told her, all we have is a Winter day and 10 inches of snow. 

She asked me. Is that a snow sled in the back of the truck?

I told her yes and it is rarely used, the snow rarely sticks.

Her pretty smile turn wicked and she asked.

Johnnie, please take me to the big hill on Romeo road.

I smiled and I told her. Honey, you are dressed-up pretty and heels upon

your pretty feet.

She came close to me, tapped my forehead and she asked.

Do you believe I am dainty and soft? I can break?

I told her. No, you are my wild gal, fearless and brave.

If you want the snow hill, we shall go now.

She smiled and she kissed me. She answered. Good!!

We climbed the snow hill and I held her back-side.

The heels of her shoes held no traction and I tried to keep her safe.

She smiled and laughed walking-up the 300 steps of ice.

The snow sled was dragged behind me and she had little balance.

At the top of the hill, we looked at the hill and I told her.

This is a fast hill. You will go 40 miles per hours before the ride end.

She turned to me and she smiled. She climbed the small sled and 

she waved goodbye.

I watched her legs rise-up and I listen to her scream of joy.

As she rode heels in air and I loved her laughter.

I butt-slide to her and she waiting for me and I asked her.

Was it fun my wild gal?

She smiled and she brought me closer,

she whispered, again.

 Dancing Coyote