A Classic Sad Song

A amazing poem shared by talented writer.

Mysterious Soul

My heart is cut in pieces;
myriad shreds of leaves scattered in my wilted garden,
a thousand shades of my love flow like a frigid waterfall,

my lover being a serrated edge of knife.

My bones are cracked now,
the curve of my lips frozen.
Of love, of lust
they must speak.
My past lovers resemble my doleful shadows-
they do not stay, they do not leave.
I am a crescent moon, an isolated cloud,
a half rainbow mourning to meet its colors.

The colors diffuse to bloom florets to the
garden of my barren heart.
I dance wildly on the tunes,
like a passionate beloved,
carrying in my arms;
a silent wail of pain and detachment,
a cry of separation.
My heart being a classic sad song.

I let my lover explode inside me like a wildfire, a rage.
a love story abandoned a decade ago.

-Shreya Sharma

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