Tomorrow is Never Promised Today

Strong and wonderful words shared..

You Lil Dickens

This picture was taken right before I died and then was revived.

What would you do?

If you knew today was your last…

Who would you spend your time with? Huh?

Do you know? Do you know what you’d do?

What would you say?

Where would you go?

You never know the last time you’ll see or speak to a loved one

You never know when it’s your last hug or kiss, your last words, your last anything —

Cherish the people you love —

The people that make you thank whomever your God is above

The PRESENT is a gift

One we often forget

It’s not always clear, I know

Dickinson said: “Tell the truth but tell it slant” — sometimes life is slanted

Do me a favor. Life is too short, don’t take it for granted.


Cherish was one of my Papa and Grandma Lowe’s favorites. Anytime…

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