A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"Fall is here. We need to find someone to stay with, lay with, in the cold days of Winter." 

Dear October….

Hello dear October, my old friend. Cooler day and the beauty of the change of color, of the trees. Allow us to slow down and ponder who we are, where we are going?

A good Spring and Summer. I spend time with the grandchildren at the great lakes in the months of Summer and I danced with Lake Huron at Port Austin in July with my grandchildren. I wrote a lot and I took my grandchildren to many Summer activities.

Life teaches us. Slow down and smell the roses, time won’t slow down for us, if we are always running. Ensure we make the good days last and we must remember the people we lost.

Fall is here, the Autumn day seem easy and fair. We are blessed to see the earth die, knowing, in the Spring. She will come alive for us and bless the earth again.

Dear October spirit, I will go talk with you at Lake St. Clair. I will burn some sage for peace and calm, I will burn some sage for my world. I will pray we stop fighting, I will pray every child have food and shelter. Are safe.

The leave are changing colors, Halloween is coming and cold days of Winter is coming.Please lord of life and death. Take care of the people I love and thank you for my many kind friends. Life can be heavy. If you love someone. Please tell them you love and need them. They may need these words.