Leonard Cohen and a poem…. Dearest Eleanor..

Dearest Eleanor

We were Summer lovers and we tried to capture the sun.

The sun sun-kissed our skin and we loved the sea.

We loved hot coffee and old books.

We never said a proper goodbye,

I left you on chilly September morning to fight some useless war.

I escape quietly in the early morning and I left you a note.

“Dearest Eleanor,

I love you, I love you.

You are my Big Sur blessing.

Your voice, kind and sweet, like the whispering sounds of the Pacific.

I will remember you and please remember me.

I will return and I pray.

My sweet muse. Please allow me into your heart again.

I know you hate goodbyes and I will leave you with my final words.

Until we meet again, my love.

You will be my first thoughts in the morning and

you will be in my sweets dreams when I find sleep in the night.”