The strong and the blessed…

The strong and the blessed…

Today I am a old man. I lived in many places and I have lived many lives. I was a businessman, I was a soldier and I was a father. Now I am a grandfather.

In my lifetime, I had great mentors, great voices, who would not allow me to fall. Almost loss a legend this week.

A man, who loved his family and he stood for the right things. I asked God, please give me more time with our dearest friend. Need this old man around for a while longer.

I know I was taught by the strong man, by a blessed man. He taught me, have a wide open door for the family, never speak negative words and lead with kindness.

We become old men, we must become the safe house, the kind voice. Teach love and forgiveness.

Today I pray, please don’t go yet my father. We need our teacher, our kindest friend, our father, our grandfather to tell us. We will be okay.

                        Dancing Coyote