Another time, another place…

Another time, another place…

The loneliness man at Fort Hood volunteered for missions in Central American. He wanted to escape everything and he wanted to taste the Hemingway’s tropical paradise. Once he sought death, now he wanted to be in the hands of new land, new songs and maybe. Find a reason to be alive.

He was in Atlanta, one day early. Morning flight to Honduras and he had some free time. He went to the strip bar near the Hotel. The beer was cold and the songs was good and sports on the many televisions. The ladies were goddesses, dancing for desperate men. He watched the dancers, going from silky pantie and bra to bare skin.

He wrote in his journal.
“Perfume ladies, bare skin and fake smiles. Loveliest ladies in Atlanta, showing you the world and more. Begging men, paying for a song, left with less when the pretty lady escaped.
Perfect smile, sensitive movement of legs, arms and ass. Making wishful men wish and dream.
The outcast man, wanting little, watched the beautiful dancers, like artwork in a ancient art studio. He adored their faces, their womanly curves and he knew. Woman decide if you are lucky or not.”

He felt a touch upon his shoulder, a beautiful brown eye girls stared boldly into his eyes and she asked. “Ain’t I beautiful enough for you, soldier boy? You are writing words into the book and forgot I was dancing for you.”

He told her. I watched you dance and you gave me the will to write some poetry for your tender milky skin and perfect body. I am more logical than the desperate men here. I know you are Summer and I am the Winter. Sometimes close and can never be touch.

She smiled and she laughed at his words. She told him. “You are the bar poet, I can see now. Love the words more than real life. I like men who are not desperate and don’t believe they can own all things. Where are you going soldier? And my name is Luna.”

He told her. Hello Luna and I am going to Honduras in the morning. My name is Johnnie. She smiled and she asked. “You soldiers are so brave and so crazy. Trying to save a world, not wanting to be saved. Are we all, wanting too little, wanting too much? Once I wanted a soldier, was another time, was another place. I was brave once. I thought love was life.”

He smiled and he asked her , almost closing time. Do you eat? My flight is at noon and I could use some company for a early breakfast. She took the journal and she read the poem. She smiled and she told him. “Okay, please wait for me. I will get dress and we can go to the Denny’s across the street.

She appeared, looking more beautiful then before. White Summer dress, her brown hair flowing down her back and showing real face. He told her. You are prettiest gal I ever seen. She laughed at his words and she whispered. “Thank you Johnnie, I am starving. ” She took his hand, led him out the bar to the restaurant.

They found a quiet spot to sit in the Denny’s. He wrote a poem on a napkin and he gave her the poem. She read the poem to him.

“Another place, another time. We could of been, so good together. Another place, another time. We could of been, something. Luna, beautiful Luna. You are the sun and I am the moon, rarely touching and always dreaming. The loveliest ladies are mad men dreams, making them wish to live and to die. I wish we had today, I wish we had tomorrow. Another place, another time. You would be my ambrosia, my lasting wish, my lasting hope.” Coyote

She laughed and smiled. She told him. “You are the Hemingway’s ghost. Making girls daydream and smile. I am glad I found you dear Johnnie. Tonight I needed someone to make me feel I am more than flesh and bones. I go to school in the daytime and I dance at night. 300 to 500 dollars, I can make. More time for school work. I like to talk and you make me want to talk. Can I write to you in Honduras?”

He told her. If you like. I would appreciate. I have no-one but my dear grandmother. She write me weekly and I write her back, of course. Luna, looked sad. She looked into his eyes and she told him. “I saw a heavy sadness in your eyes. That is why I knew you were safe. You looked at me with kind eyes when I danced. Like I was worthwhile, not trash. It is nice when someone listen to you.”

He took her hand and he told her. I am running away from demons and tonight. This is a good night. I love your eyes, your hazel eyes seem to be dancing from blue to green. It is hard to tell the angels from the devils dear Luna. We must be careful.  

After the meal and a lot of coffee. Luna told him. I must rest, 10 am class and she gave him her address at her dorm. She followed  him to the hotel. She fell on the bed and he joined her. He wrapped his arms around her and she fell asleep ASAP. He kissed her forehead and he watched her sleep. He wished for a second. Another time, another place. Maybe he could know happiness.

He rose from the bed at 8 am, got some coffee. Luna awoke and she told him. “Thank you for being a gentlemen. Ain’t many left dear Johnnie and thank you for the coffee.” He sat with her, listening to her dream of becoming a nurse, her dreams of visiting Europe and he loved her morning face. She left him with a sweet kiss and a gentle goodbye. He told the gods of life and death. Thank you the good night in Atlanta and meeting dear Luna.