I am here….

I am here…

Loneliest man in the bar,

drinking alone.

He told the smoking cigarette and the empty whiskey glass,

you knew the ending at the beginning.

A soft hand touched his shoulder,

a kind face, a gentle voice whispered.

When you dance with the devil, you will lose.

Pretty face don’t mean kind heart,

she is gone and I stayed.

The dead heart need kindness and a friend.

Please Johnnie,

let’s drink some coffee at my place and talk the pity away.

I know men are foolish and I have forgiven you.

Can you forgive yourself?

He looked at her and he asked her.

No-one want left-over wine and a sad story.

Do you believe I am worth the time?

You deserve everything and more.

You deserve someone who shall never break your heart.

She smiled and she kissed his face.

She whispered,

love isn’t easy, love isn’t written in stone.

We are fallen angels,

praying for a miracle,

where we shall know so few miracles.

I am here and tonight we will make  dandelion wishes.

Where you and I, can be alright.

Loneliest man in the bar,

brought sweetest girl alive near and he whispered.

Thank you.

Dancing Coyote