Nancy Sinatra song and a poem…

Bang, bang….

I met her at the Stray Cat lounge. She sat alone and her eyes were deadly and hazel green. The bartender told me. Johnnie, she is a wild cat. Can’t tame a wild animals. She will kill everything you know that is kind and sweet.

I watched her dance near the stage. The jazz was deep and hard tonight. She moved slowly to the beat of the song in her tight black dress to the sweet jazz songs. I loved that she danced barefoot and her free-flowing hair touched her lower shoulders. I went to her and I whispered to her wanting ear.

Are you savior, are you my muse? She turned to me. In her eyes, I saw free forest and wild sea. She brought me closer and she forced my hips and shoulders to move with her. She smelled of wild flowers and Long Island ice teas. We became one in the movement of the gentle jazz.

She turned to me. Her eyes, alive and dancing. Poet, I know you. You speak of love entanglement and bang, bang. You shall run away. You and I. Kindred in the emotions of love. You have killed every kindness given and I warn you sweet man. I’m cold as the Alaska Winter and as fickle as a Michigan Spring. You love to tempt the Devil dear poet.

I kissed her bright red lips and brought her burning body near. I whispered. Hell, don’t want us. At the Purgatory Inn, you are I. Lovers, abusers and stealers of gin and sin. Just odd strangers knowing what is truly left.

“Sophia, Sophia. The gun is loaded and the night is long. You are the prettiest woman, I ever seen. Siren, killer and my delicious muse. Love me, kiss me, kill me. Bang, bang. I will accept the payment.”

She kissed me back and she whispered. Tempting words, pretty lies. You may be right. You and I. Treat love like a gun-fight. I like your face, I like your words. Maybe love be sweet, maybe love be damned. Tonight we dance and maybe? We won’t die tonight.