I want to fall in love again…

  I want to fall in love again…

Last year man prayed to Selena, the moon goddess on a warm Fall night. He told her, near the dancing Pacific ocean. The drunk man is praying again. He is in the lost and found. And no-one is seeking his smile, his voice, his laughter. I am praying, I am wishing for the sweetest voice, the kindest heart. Please dear goddess, whisper to beautiful Kelly. I miss her so. She was a blessing, she was gift to a foolish man.

Once in sweet dreams, we drank the Summer sweet wine and I became drunk on her kisses. She was natural beauty, always told the truth and she made me. Yearn to be brave again. Now sleeping man asking kind Selena, I want to fall in love again.

I want to fall in love again, where love was kind, so damn sweet. I want and yearn for the most beautiful gal in my world. I want her sweet voice to whisper sweet and gentle words to my damaged heart. I promise dear Goddess, I would never allow her to leave my life.

I would caress her feet and legs  nightly and I would read love words to her. I would look into her eyes and I would swim in the sweetness of the warm caress of love.

Last year man is drinking the Johnnie Walker alone near the sea and dear Selena, please tell my dearest Kelly. I remember you and I haven’t laugh since your lovely voice made me feel young and brave.

Maybe in sweet dreams. Love is forever and life is fair. I look to the half-moon and I told her. Thank you dear Selena for listening to a drunk man wish and prayer.