Thanh Tâm Tuyền | THE SADNESS IN PIECES (30)

Powerful and wonderful poetry shared.


By Thanh Tâm Tuyền, translation by Nguyễn Thị Phương Trâm






Late into the night love is as absent as the curtain of night

(Em)my love, weave for me the delusions 

From what is left of your innocence


The crazy wind of rejection upon a day yet to rise

The loneliness discarded in broken friendships

Alone I carry the burden


The familiar tearless path

The bitterness, leaves on the pavement

The black sea around me rising


A precarious throbbing isle adrift through the night

In the unforeseen confusion floating further away 

Tied it back with your hair like your unfathomable spirit

The trees are too engrossed to answer or to hold onto any kind of nostalgia

Don’t be too quick to throw the string of laughter down the cold pit

On my lips view the traces of sorrow



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