She danced by the light of the candles…

She danced by the light of the candles…..

Sitting by the bay.
Watching the sun fall into the sea.
 I’m a street poet of the night and
 I wear Army greens in the day.

I’m waiting for a poetry reading at Pacific Grove coffee shop at 8 pm.
 Pacific Groves is the most beautiful city in my journeys. 
Built on a mountain overseeing the whole coastline of Monterey.

You can see forever
and watch the whales go by if you are lucky.

Monterey is a city full of Poets and Musicians.
 We gather 2 to 3 time a week to listen and read poetry.
It give us mojo to keep trying and reaching for dreams.

The Musicians have their places.
There have open mic that allow them to play their music
 and try to attain their dreams.

I’m easy to find.
 I’m at the ocean writing and watching the sea.

 If I’m not there I’m at the Irish Pub.
 Drinking with the surfers.

The surfers has adopted me.
They tried to teach me to surf.
 I had no balance and they felt sorry for me and gave me a suicide board.
They were kind enough to accept me as a friend.

I was to meet a Italian  girl on vacation.
 Her name was Beatrice.

My good friend for many years in the Army set me up with her.
 He asked me to entertain her.
 He knew I was lonely and wanted for me to go back to my old self.

She was the sister of his wife.
 A beautiful 25 years old woman.
 She had traveled the world and was on a month of rest with her sister.

She was too beautiful and educated for me.
  I wasn’t ready for any woman now.
 I was alone for too long.
 I didn’t need anything but my poetry and friends.

I was dating a woman in Michigan.
 Distance allow the heart to mourn and forget.
She came to California to tell me goodbye a few months back.

I fell into my poetry and had a few fans.
 Most were young girls and old woman.

 I started three Poetry reading in the city of Monterey and Pacific Groves.
 I was call the Word man.
 I wore a blue jacket and knew most of the artist in the city.
 My real name wasn’t important.

I led the Poetry reading.
A nice group of people showed up.

 Beatrice came in when I read my three poems.
 I saw a odd look in Beatrice eyes.

 After the coffee shop clear out.
 I’m sitting with other Poets.
 Beatrice starts to hold my hand.

 We took a walk on the empty beach after the poetry reading..
 It is 3 am in the morning.
She asked me to hold her.
 She was cold.
 I wrapped my arms around her and we watched the sea.

I tell her thank you for being with me.
But I’m dead and my heart and will never return.

She smiles and starts to dance.
Her long brown hair is flowing in the wind.
She was like a child.

She toss off her shoes and run into the water.
 She was so beautiful.

I look to the moon and stars.
Thank the lord of life and death for this moment.

 She run to me.
 Ask me what do you see Poet?

We sit for hours in silence waiting for daylight to appear.
She tells me I don’t want much.
 I can show you the way out of your prison.
 I can show you passion and pleasure.

 She whisper what do you wish for?
 I close my eyes and she give me a warm sweet kiss.

We go to Big Surf the  next morning.
It is Saturday.

 All the Poets and Musicians show up at the River Inn to read poetry
 and sing their music.

I pick her up early.
 She is wearing a short skirt and t-sheet.
 Her perfect body I could not take my eyes off her.
 Her tan skin and long legs were so beautiful to see.

We would go to Pfeifer Beach.
 A nudist beach.
 I been there often.
The most beautiful rocks and dangerous water you will ever see.

Beatrice lays in my lap.
 She asked me to read to her.
 I read  some of my poetry.

. She raise her face to my face.
 Kissed me and thank me for taking her everywhere.

We go to the river inn.
 I got us a room.
 We would be able to stay till the end.

 Drink what we wanted and be safe.

 We listen to poets and musicians.
 She fell in love with Alisha Fineman like I did years ago.

After too much wine and talk we go to the hotel room.
 She light many candles and began to dance for me.
 Showing me her perfect body with each perfect movement to the music of Kanas.
“Dust in the wind.”

She wave goodbye and announce she was taking a shower.
 She left the bathroom door open.
 I watched her undress.
 Her young body shine in the light of the candles.
 She smiles at me and goes into the shower.

I watch her wash her body.
 I wished for a woman like her for a long time
. No fear of yesterday or tomorrow.
 Willing to give emotion and love.

She peeks out and  whispers fool.
 Are you going to join me?

I undressed and joined her.
 She rubbed her perfect body against me.
 I told her I have been along time  too long.
 My flesh is too hungry now.

She told me my lover, my sweet poet accept the gift.
Taste the sweet tenderness of my flesh.
Be not afraid I will not break your heart.

She kissed my face, my neck and my lips.
Whispers we are but dreamers.
 We will not always win.

She lead me to the bed.
 She laid her body on top of mine.
 Her warm body against me. 
She moved her full breast up and down my body.
 Her hands massaging my legs and groin area.

Her sweet kisses and touch brought me into a dream.
 I watched her beautiful face.
She was a Angel and gift for my soul.

 I brought her to me.
 I caressed her soft and perfect body with my hands than mouth.
 We make a wild and sweet love.

We were not babies.
 We knew the road to paradise.
 I held her tightly till the morning light began to appear.

In the morning I took her back to Pfeifer beach.
 I watched her dance on the beach.

 Her beautiful  body laid tightly against me.
She asked would I remember her?
 I kissed her.
Drank some tequila and she drank some.
I told her. “Only every time I watch the sun rise up from the west.

 We talks all day and into the night.

We had three more week together.
 We traveled the coastline and we swam in the big storms.

 She told me we will be okay.
 Just can’t allow the shit to pollute our minds.

At the airport she give me many kisses.
Whispered my Poet don’t cry no more.
 Life is to be lived.

Now I can go back to Monterey.
Go back to the sea and dream of my muse
and lover Beatrice in sweet dreams.

                             Oct 1992