The wisp/ the kiss, the memory- The jest of love

The wisp/ the kiss, the memory- Jest of love

A Chapter by Coyote Poetry
"Third and last chapter."   

                The wisp/ the kiss, the memory- Jest of love

Beth laid her head in his chest and he caressed her strong back and shoulders. He smelled her hair. She was a complete woman now. Once a slim, faceless girl afraid. Now a robust, beautiful and strong woman. He asked her. Are you swimming still Beth? You look amazing. Your legs and arms. Are solid and strong. She smiled and she asked him. Remember you made me go to the gym with you everyday. You made me eat three meals a-day and you bought me every book I wanted to read. I remember you would swim twenty laps daily and now I can swim 40 laps. When I was afraid, I slept in your bed and you held me like a child. You never attempted to touch me. He kissed her forehead and he told her. You were abused by someone, you were tired and I didn’t want to add to your burden. You were my butterfly. Getting stronger and learning to fly free.

She told him. The butterfly is wiser and older Johnnie. You won’t escape me tonight. He smiled at her and he told her. Love, is hard work and I told you a long time ago. Don’t give everything away. A woman kindness, a woman gentleness is a gift to a lucky man. the test of love is simple dear Beth. We want someone to adore us. The fortune of love is someone who yearn to make you smile, someone to weave us into a safe place where passion is alive and love never slumbers. Love needs reminders. A bottle of good wine, good music and a passionate heart. Love should be our best days. Sharing morning kisses, morning small talk and coffee. The evening warm goodnight kiss should never be forgotten. Love is tender and can be sweet. The elixir of love we must appreciate and give back with gusto and joy.
Beth looked sad. I remember 10 years ago. You took me to a apartment. It had a love seat, kitchen table and a bed. You had books on the table with a small stereo near. You kissed me and you told me goodbye. I didn’t know you would be gone ten years. I opened the letter on the table after you left. You wrote.” Here is $3,000 dollars and I paid the rent for one year. I have joined the Army to go to some useless war. Please go to school dear Beth. You have saved me from my sadness and I hope one day to return to see you again. Befriended you was my blessing. I did love and enjoy. Love Johnnie. Please have fun and be safe. Please be happy for me.”

She stopped dancing and she looked into his eyes. She told him. Johnnie, after your kindness. No-one could make me feel loved and safe. I knew you would return one day. I have waited for you Johnnie. Will you let me in?  He looked into her coffee brown eyes and he told her. I am not the same dear Beth. You are older and stronger. I am older and colder. I don’t want to break your heart. She kissed his face and she kissed his neck. She took him into her bedroom and she forced him on the bed. She straddle him and she whispered. Dear poet, time for you to write a story with a happy ending. You and I will find Port Austin. We will stay barefoot and happy near Lake Huron. I know love is hard but Johnnie. Being alone is harder. I won’t allow you to be alone no-more.

He brought his face into her breasts and he listen to her heart beating. He told her. Okay dear Beth. You make me want to know loco again. Maybe we can.

Dancing Coyote