The wisp/ the kiss, the memory. The Long island ice tea.

The wisp/the kiss, the memory. The Long Island ice tea.

A Chapter by Coyote Poetry
"A new series of short poetry. Part one." 

            The wisp/ the kiss, the memory…

The Long Island ice tea. He had traveled 1500 miles to see her face and he went to her home. He waited for her and he saw a baby girl dancing with his beloved. He saw she wasn’t alone. A young man came to her and he embraced her. He knew, he was the dummy who loved war, song and the highway. Soft tears fell from his face and he drove away. She turned and she saw him. He gave her a small wave and he drove to Ann Arbor. Her saw a great sadness in her eyes and he knew. He wouldn’t never see her again, kiss those rosy lip and put his face into her ginger hair. He told highway 35. Fuck it, fuck it. What is left for me?

He found the Washington street Tavern and he sat down. He ordered a Long Island ice tea and the pretty waitress asked him. Are you Johnnie? He smiled and he told her. The only one in the quiet tavern tonight Beth. Beth came to him and she kissed his face. She told him. You left Ann Arbor 10 years ago and I owed you money. You paid my rent, bought me food and paid my bills. You didn’t tell me. The Ann Arbor poet was escaping to unknown wars. Are you okay? You never allow me to say thank you.

He smiled at her and he told her. I am sorry Beth, I was running from my self and I found places so wonderful and beautiful. I learn from war and suffering of others. I had a good life and you dear Beth. You are looking so good. I hope you are doing well and your life is good. She looked sad and she whispered. Did you find Jennifer? I see a heavy sadness in your eyes. Johnnie, Johnnie. Life and love is never fair. I am fine, no children and no love life. I work here at night and I work as a nurse in the mornings. I have a house near the city now and I have a large garden. You taught me to love books and I have thousands now. What are you doing tonight? I have coffee, two cats and some beer. Please come with me to my home. I can pay you the money I owe you. I have a chess game ready too dear Johnnie. Remember you taught me how to play chess in the Winter of 1990. I have the chess game still and the books you gave me on my special shelf.

She embraced him hard and he told her. I won’t be good company dear Beth. He smelled her perfume on her neck and he rolled his hands through her reddish hair. Her brown eyes demanded his attention and he told her. I could use good company, coffee and some good conversation dear Beth. Okay dear friend.

She left the tavern at two thirty pm and they went to his Dodge truck. Beth smiled and she told him. You love the trucks and you have Texas plates. Are you at Fort Hood? He told her. Yes Beth. Almost five years. She smiled and she told him. I want to visit Texas. Maybe I can visit you in Texas and we can go dancing. We did dance once Johnnie. Do you remember?

He smiled and he open the door for her. He told her. Thank you for being kind to me. When all you have is the kiss, the memory and the Long Island ice teas. What is left? She told him, please Johnnie. Tonight we will play chess till the morning, drink coffee and we will find some laughter. Yesterday is gone Johnnie, today is here. I have two free days and maybe we can wander to Port Austin. Remember you promised me Lake Huron. He smiled and he told her. I would be honored dear Beth. I am on leave till the end of the month. I would appreciate the company. She took his hands and she kissed them. She whispered to him. I prayed for you and you are here with me now. My home is your home Johnnie.

They arrived at a small house. The house was surrounded by flowers and she took him into the house. She had a large book shelf and a chess table near the love seat. No television, just a large stereo. He told her. You have done well Beth. The house is wonderful and she came to him. She embraced him softly, kissed his face and lips many times. He saw soft tears falling from her eyes and he kissed them. Please dear Beth, don’t cry for me. She brought him to the love seat and she told him. You won’t leave me again. We will write, talk on the phone and I will become a safe place for you. You loved me once, you treated me like a little girl. You told me. Education, education and more education. Never allow a man to control me. You knew I was abused and you didn’t allow me to die. It is my turn dear Johnnie. Life is fair. You found me tonight because you needed someone. I am here for you.

Dancing Coyote