Hope Full (poem and dance)

Amazing poetry and video shared.

My Inspired Life

She is learning to step,
to receive love and respect,

in her well-earned role as Royalty,
wearing her hope-lined robe –

not granted by a noble decree.
Look closely and you will see,
her delicate garment is a patchwork of life’s,
trials, tears, and adversity
reshaped with artist’s hands
into a brilliant tapestry,
stitched together with gold strands of hope
by her majesty.

We met by chance, a random circumstance.
Some might say, Divine guidance
brought us together.
I would not disagree.
A friendship forged
before friends, old and new, were locked
behind closed doors.
New, in friend years,

but meeting her felt like

returning to a friendship
once held close,

years ago.

Dedicated to my forever hopeful friend, LP.

As I have written before, I believe we should step away from screens, from life, and dance. I hope I have inspired you to join me. It’s not…

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