The crazy ones.

 The crazy ones…

Blessed places or cursed places?
Are just places we shall know and the  places that will teach us.
Being blessed is someone caring for you and loving you for everything you are.

The cursed places are seconds, moments and hours where we learn. Love isn’t forever for some. 

Love is the sweetest gift and the rarest gift. Love will make us want to live forever and love can make us want to run away. Swim in sadness.

Today Johnnie want to be the crazy one. Find a place where life is not controlled and love is wild and free.

Find someone who loved him, like he is her last breathe and her only want and need.

And she is his last and final wish.

Blessed are the crazy one’s

So damn loco, they believe in the glory of love, know laughter and can talk till the night turn to morning light.
A sweet dreamer, a tempting face whispered. Love is life and life is love.

I wished for her, my free butterfly, a thousand years of joy and happiness.

She deserve the days where the days are long and so sweet.

I want her are dancing with the bears and wolves.

I want her to be the crazy one.

Maybe one day. I can be the crazy one with her?