Like father…..

Like father.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"Blood of father flowed in my vein and I can see his face."    

                                  Like father….

I look in the mirror.
What do I see?

Have I become what I despised all my life?
I have my father’s eyes.
Now I know my father’s pain.
Have my eyes become cold?
Is violence and anger my strength?

Each day I learned loss.
Loss of dreams and desires.
Kindness and gentleness forgotten.

I follow my father’s path to war.
I did what he had done.
Now I talk to dead friends lost to war in a self-made hell.

Will I become like my father?
Showing passion and emotion when I’m in violence or aroused.

Can I stop my journey to adulthood?
Can I find the path to gentleness and love?

Have I traveled too far?
Is the blood too strong?
Am I destined to hurt everyone I have loved?

My father’s hatred.
Is it my anger too?

Am I free to choose my journey?If I choose my own road.
Why did I follow my father sadness.