Cigarettes, sweet wine and you…

Cigarettes, sweet wine and you

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"Old places become better with time"   

                                Cigarettes, sweet wine and you….

I sat and waited with my Poet friend. I was the back-up Poet at the Austin, Texas poetry night.
Just listening to Poets read their words. I like the polite places where writers
share words without being rated or degraded.

I was requested to read because  AWOL writer missed his turn.
I went up and read my poetry free style.

     “Cigarettes, sweet wine and you….

Sweet love.
Dirty love.
Burning love.
Unholy love.
See me.
Look at me.
Watch me.
Let wander into dangerous places.
I need you nude.
I want us to hide nothing.

Love me like I’m your first love, last love.
Real or fake emotion.
We can’t stop the hunger.
Lust can take us to paradise, esctacy where regret is
lost and forgotten.

I want us to find places where lovers are free.
Where lovers lay nude with the lights on.
Allowing kind  and appreciating eyes to swim in the beauty of skin.
Unafraid of showing hidden scars and tattoos.
Worshiping the soft kisses and secret places.

Cigarettes, sweet wine and you.
Being sold or given away. Love is still costly.

We can’t stop the wind.
We can’t stop the passion.
Passion like the sea.
When the passion is strong.
It cannot be stop and overcome the body and the mind.

I will  light your cigarette and I pour the wine.
I watched you smile and lick your lips.
You asked me.

“Is love free? Or is love costly? Does it take a piece of us with each touch?

I told my lover. Love isn’t free. Sex is very costly. Sometime we must except less to
know peace my lover. Better to be bare and free. With nothing to lose. Greedy people
hold on too tight. Making the sweet lover want to escape. We must release in a
timely manner. Love need to be given freely and not hidden by the darkness.


I finished reading. I received the polite applause.
I return to my friend. She kissed me and thank me for the poem.’

She whispered. “Tonight we will leave the lights on. Smoke the cigarettes, drink the
Black Velvet whiskey. I want us nude writing  new stories upon tender
and wanting skin. I want you wild and free my kind friend.”

I accepted the kind offer with  a smile. She held my hand gently and I thank the spirits
of the night. For when a kind woman allowed you in. No sweeter gift my friend.