Fruit of the Earth / বসুন্ধরা

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My bengali poem Basundhara, which means ‘The Earth’, brings out the green essence of the earth. The earth never ceases to ooze out its blessings and love in spite of the severe tortures on it like the draughts, floods, volcanic eruptions, earthquake, bombing, shelling etc.

The poem was originally written in Bengali, but one of my dear friends felt the urge to make it universal and to spread its fervent spirit also beyond the circle outside the language barrier. Both the versions are presented below

What's the worry!
Here I am, touch me !
My open far grown fields
nascent green, shy
Call you by your nickname;
Your loving names
long forgotten,
that are as ancient as the sky.
Come, send your hissing roots
in numerous sigh
into my oblivion depth.
Let your flowers
bloom out my breath
through your dewy despair,
year after year.

How long will you carry

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