Missing pieces. Part two.

Missing pieces. Part two

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"Sometime we can find the missing pieces. It can close doors that are needed to be shut and understood."    

          Missing pieces. Part two.

The Korean war was a short and bloody war. My father did two tours in Korea. He only spoke of war when drunk late at night. The rum opened door to memories and friends faces lost in the Korean dirt. I would sit at a distance. He would have conversation with dead friends who never made it home. One day I went with him to California. He stood at his friend grave and he said his final goodbye. I remember his face when I left for war. He had tears in his eyes as I boarded the plane for Iraq. This was a hard man knowing his son was following his father’s footstep.

A reunion of the Korean war Veterans in 1979. 500 men who survive a bloody war. The Veterans were talking about men who never made it home. One man raised his voice. “The Lt. Smith died on the road march. I saw him die. I wrote his name down on some paper.”  Another man asked. How do you remember? So many died on the road marches and the battles. He told them. “I wrote the men names on toilet paper and hid the paper till the war ended. I still have the paper.”  A expert was given the roll of toilet paper. There was 500 names of POW unaccountable from the Korean war. One man gave relief and understanding. To families who lost their brothers, fathers and uncles to this war not declared.

My father called me in 1992. They have awarded a medal for the Korean war finally. He wanted one. He told me. “Finally after 36 years. I will get my ribbon. I want to add it to my silver star and bronze star.” I went to the P.X and bought the medal. I send the medal to him. I was sadden. 43,000 plus died in a undeclared war. Took this Government over 40 years to award the Soldiers who fought and died for freedom. I was glad my father was content. I hope it gave him some relief. 

Missing pieces my friend. Vietnam and Korea left men broken and soaked in blood. A soldier at Fort Hood. Another soldiers taught to kill. He spend two tours in war zones. He murdered three people and shot himself.
Who is to blame?  This government send Soldiers to police actions and put our young people in the way of war.
The Senate and House voted to downsize the Veteran administration budget. Every Veteran from all wars and active. I pray they vote out the traitors in the Senate and House. Thank you for reading.

                             Coyote/John Castellenas