Quách Thoại | Tomorrow (18)

Amazing poetry shared.


By Quách Thoại, translation by Nguyễn Thị Phương Trâm


I’m singing alone

Under the autumn sky

Gasping upon the falling golden sky

Gosh the winter in passing

The dry cold withered leaves

Today I hid an indescribable sadness

Hold please the tears

So I may view the sunset with joy

I’m fully aware of the death and demise

The long night shall pass by

I dream of a future full of light

Gosh the brilliant glorious sunrise

Hallowed sunlight glowing amongst the thousand blooms

The strange happiness

The early first dew soon

The sweet gentle breeze

The fresh green grass at every turn upon the well worn pathways

The gentle forest birdsong

Through every crevices of the hill

The small children

The buds of generations

Gosh the boundless clarity

Hey the age old tears

The rising prosperity

The universe is young and rosy lipped

The direction of change


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