The sweet Melody of love…

The sweet Melody of love

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"Without love. What do we become?"   

             The sweet Melody of love…

We were lovers once. Your words upon a sheet of paper saved my life once.
You promised a endless love and I was to bathe in your eyes of love forever.

We had great dreams of saving our world. To become one in love and in journey.
We were friends first and than you confess a love that saved my heart and mind one late Winter day in 1979.

We laid bare our hearts and make wishes on the first star of the night for a million days to be spend  together.
Obligations and landscape separated us. I don’t believe we forgot to love. The tragedy of youth and foolishness made our two lives and dreams separate.

We were drunk on love and you were my childhood love that expanded to places we could not go. I remember your long brown hair and gentle brown eyes and you telling me. Johnnie, it will be alright, we will find  a way to hold on.

A thousand days had passed and I have crumble and fell down often.  I learn we can eat the past and lay the secrets of kind faces and place hidden deep inside us. The memories leave us with reflections of what we had and what we could of been.

I remember the sweet melody of love. How we mock the gods with dance, laughter and embrace without fear.
We were lovers once and I lost you to the intangible of believing true love comes often. It don’t.

I learn with distance and the pain of love lost diminish to sweet tale of sweet kiss and long embrace. We parted without a proper goodbye. Today I wish to tell you. Thank you for saving me in the dead of Winter with the promise of love. When I needed you.

  Coyote/John Castellenas
  Written in January 1987/Rewritten in 2014