A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"Old stories become better with time."         


My pretty lady friend with tattoos on her back and legs. She asked me. Do you like my tattoos? I smiled and I told her. I have four tattoos and each having purpose and meaning. I believe if you mark your body. Do it for logical reasons.

She gave me a evil smile and she told me. I agree dear Poet. My tattoos have meanings. She lifted her black skirt up a little. She had a rosy red lip on her right side of her firm butt. She told me. This is a target for the lucky fellow I allowed to see. She pulled up the skirt higher showed me her flowers and rising vines from her pretty feet to stomach. She smiled and whispered. The vine wandered to sweeter and better places.

She put her legs upon my legs. She pulled her skirt up, moved her red panties to the side. A small heart with my name on it. She told me. This one is for my favorite Poet. Do you like the new tattoo? I kisses her and teased the small heart with soft touch. I told her. She honored me.

She told me. You are the only one, I allow to see my angel wings. You demand little from me and you accepted my bad attitude. I get paid to dance for strangers  and work for tips. You accepted me and you make me feel beautiful. Not dirty. You bring me  German wine and  French chocolate. You bring me goat milk and fresh bread to me to make me feel happy. We drink the strong coffee and we sit till dawn waiting for the sun by the sea. You are my kind friend. Who never complained.

I reached my arms around her and embraced her. I whispered to her. Few Angels upon the earth. Us imperfect people are doing the best we can. We will be okay my beautiful love.

                             Coyote/John Castellenas