Coffee, you and me…

 Coffee, you and me….

“Then shall thy circling arms embrace and dip my naked body, and thy balmy lips. Bathe me in juices of kisses, who perfume like a religious incense shall consume.”     Thomas Carew

We set the table slowly. Simple glances leading with kind gift of smiles. Coffee, you and me. Your laughing hazel eyes make wish for the time to pause. You were a magnificence beauty.  I listen to every word you spoke at the Pacific Grove poetry reading. You danced as you read your poetry.

“Forsake me.
Take me.
Make me dance in the midnight hour.
Make me cry tear of joy.
Take me, make me.
Make me know laughter and long embrace.
I will be your sweet love.
We will be shipwrecked by locked doors and scented candles.
You will be secret lover and I will be your nectar.
Coffee, you and me.
We will freely on the wings of kind love.

She watched my eyes. She knew I was smitten by her. She sat with me. She asked me for strong coffee and some conversation. She called me the dark Poet. She reached over and whispered into my ear.

“Promises made, promise broken.
Languished memories of sweet kiss and embrace is enough.
We are just flesh and bones.
Learning and trying to understand what is right and wrong.
Sometime we need to feel good and hold wishes.
I wish for you and I.
Coffee and the Pacific. ‘

The Dark Poet smiled and said nothing. Left the table. Ordered two coffees and took the dear Poet
to the sea.

                  Sweet night, kind night…

The moon is complete and the stars are shining bright. Kind moon blessed the lovers upon the sand. Powerful and beautiful sea create the music and two people held silence. Held embrace and they waited for the morning sun.
Real lovers love the journey. Take their time. Love is the dance, the embrace and sharing laughter and long conversation. Coffee, you and I. Perfect opening for a new tale of love.

                        Coyote/John Castellenas