Dear Belinda…

Dear Belinda…

I learned life wasn’t fair, you can’t get what you want and love isn’t enough sometimes.

I remember a beauty, prettiest girl I ever known. When I looked into her eyes, I dreams of crazy things, had great dreams where love was kind to me.

I remember whispering to her. “Belinda, my Belinda. Please smile for me, please allow me to show you the midnight moon and let’s dance for the millions star in the clear sky. Please allow me in and allow me to teach you joy and happiness.”

I lived in a strict, un-moving world and my life was organized. She allowed me in and opened the door for me, made me believe I was important and she was important to me.

I learn I was seeking love and she was seeking salvation. I learn broken heart ladies who don’t want to be fixed. Can’t.
The funny part, the running man who ran from everything, learned. Love was never fair, The sweetest kiss will break your heart and when a woman, is cold and done. Love can’t be.

In sweet dreams, she was brave and I was willing. I wrote in secret journals love letters never send.
“Dear Belinda

You are my sweetest days, my kindest hours. I love you more than my own life. You were a dandelion wish, a wishing well prayer. You were a Winter storm and I was the quiet forest. I wanted forever and you wanted your sorrow. I know dear Belinda, sometimes love isn’t enough.”

               Dancing Coyote