Halloween Santa….

Halloween Santa

A Story by Coyote Poetry
"A Halloween tale."       

                  Halloween Santa…

Grandpa told the boys. Stay away from the haunted farmhouse. Signs posted by the cornfield. Do not enter. Trespassers will be punished. Beware of the unknown.

The boys laughed at their Grandpa. Joshua, Jaden and Jorge had the night planned. Jaden told them. Grandpa tell great stories and they are not true. On Halloween night. Three boys roamed into the cornfield. After a 20 minute walk in the maze. They found some small building. No light, silence and a small sign. Beware. When the night falls, secrets things will play. They saw a door with no light on. Joshua told Jorge. Remember what grandpa said. Never knock on the door of a house with no light on. They are things that must hide in the night. Do not awake them.

Jaden laughed and he ran to the door. He knocked 10 times and no-one answered. He turn to Joshua and Jorge. He told them. Grandpa told a tale. Joshua went to the door and the door opened. Two things came out.

Jaden ran away and the clown smiled and spoke. Kid and more kids. What a treat.  Did you read the signs. You awoke us and we needed company. The clown had Joshua on the ground and she asked. Make a wish, a deadly wish my sweet. We are the Halloween santa and the Halloween party had just began for you.

Happy Halloween my sweeties.