The liar’s moon….

Liar’s moon

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"Sometime we must pray for love.”

                       Liar’s moon…

The Coyote was quiet tonight, tranquil night allowed him to recede to the deep tides of memory. The warm days of Spring always awoke the memory of his sweetest friend. A sweet memory of a flower of the Spring. She was blissful and wild. He remembered they sang love songs to each other from a distance and they would find neutral ground to dance and sing.

“He sang to the half-moon, the liar’s moon.

 Alexandra, Alexandra, you bewitched my heart, One upon a blue moon, we danced and sang to Lake Huron. The full moon blessed us and we fell in the bosom of the forest. Lovely one, where are you now?”

The Raven watched the Coyote and he went to him. He asked. Johnnie, Johnnie, crying and dreaming again? The moon is smiling at us tonight, I love the liar’s moon. We can wish for things we cannot have. We must leave the dark places and sing some songs to the stars and the moon my friend. Leave the ancient memories and shadows behind, the night is long and the mythic wind is blowing tonight. Listen Coyote, great story can be heard in the great forest tonight.

Coyote looked at the Raven. He told him, my best friend. Thank you for your kindness. You always give me mercy to me when I recede into sad places and old echo of voices gone.  The scattered memories seem so hazy and so far away. The Spring, left behind, is haunting my memory. Dear Alexandra, always steal my thoughts when the liar’s moon is above me. I remember we danced by the lake, play hide and seek in the deep forest. She allowed me to find her and we were the crazy one’s.

The Raven told him, the liar’s moon can create folly and blissful dance. Promises made to her, just words without meaning. I told you often, we are young and free. We can’t hold the wind and can’t steal a star. We are just here to drinke in life and to fill a never-ending thirst to steal and borrow from life. Love cannot be owned and we can love many my friend. Let’s sing and dance for the Liar’s moon tonight.

The Coyote smiled and he told the Raven. Thank you my kindest friend. I will sing to the half-moon and we will dance and praise the new days of Spring. The Coyote sang and the Raven watched. He watched the stars dance and the moon smile for the Coyote song. 

The Raven held a secret, this night he found Alexandra by the river. He whispered to her, the words of love she needed to hear. The Coyote stopped his song and he heard a new song near.
Alexandra was singing.

“Hard Winter, I lost you. I prayed to the lovely moon, dear Coyote. Please find me, please let’s dance for the Spring moon again, I need you near, never far. let’s be the crazy one’s. Dance and sing to the liar’s moon.”

Coyote looked at the Raven. He told him. Thank you my friend, thank you for finding dear Alexandra and being my kindness and my mercy in the dance of forest. The Raven smiled and he told him. Run, run Coyote. Go to the long River and a friend is waiting.

The Raven watched the Liar’s moon and he heard the song of two. He thanks the moon, the night and the star.  He whispered to the Spring wind. Please allow joy and happiness to happen to the crazy one’s.

                               Dancing Coyote