A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"I need the Pacific."

(Won’t be long. Michigan to California coastline. Coyote is going. Left California in 1994. Me and sea. Will be befriended. Maybe in June 2022.)


When I was young. I believed the hype about the Pacific and California. I was blessed. United State Army send me to her in 1992-1994. Skip L.A and you shall learn. Highway one, God’s country.

San Francisco to Big Sur.Wine country, the Pacific ocean and the most beautiful terrain,you will ever see.

Coyote is returning. The myth and hype about Highway one. Is true.

He will drink some whiskey for Hemingway in Monterey, he will dance with the sea in Big Sur. Drink the tasty wine in the Wine valley and he will listen to song at the River Inn.

I will take a thousand photos and I know. I will leave her again, knowing the Pacific Ocean. Will become a fond  memory to behold when old age overtake me and I need her.

                         Coyote/John Castellenas