Run with the wind…. Dance with the sea…

Run with the wind. Dance with the sea.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"When life make us sad. Need to find reason and purpose."    

                 Run with the wind. Dance with the sea….

One year in paradise.
We fell from  heaven.
Nights of love and passion overtaken
by silence and a goodbye.

I climbed to the highest mountain I could find.
Took me hours to go to the Olympic mountains
in Washington State.
I found a unmarked path.
I tried to touch the sky.

I went to the ridge of the mountain.
I watched the hawks.
I sat and prayed for some kind of peace.
The hawks sat close.
Keeping me company.

I was dead in heart.
My spirit saw no peace or calm.
A gentle rain came down.
The forest somehow overtook my eyes.
I was swimming in nature beauty.
I thanks the great Spirit for this day. 
I took the long walk back to my truck.
Thinking of the gifts of nature all around me.

I realized how small I was.

I held my suicide board tightly.
The rope  connect to my wrist.
Held the board close even if I lost it.

Me and my good friend Padget went into the Winter
storms of the oceans without fear.
Took 45 minute to find the strongest point of the waves.
I was tossed in all directions by the powerful sea.
Some were 200 feet in height.
I felt one with the water.
She could take me away.
Or allow me to dance with her.

Many people would watch us daily.
They would come to us.
Ask us did we fear the ocean or were we crazy?
I would tell them.
“Take no chances.
Know no pleasure or won’t  know the feel of testing life and death.”

I met the woman again.
She came to me.
She asks me to come back.
She told me “I missed you.
I’m sorry for being loco sometime.”

I smiled.
I remembered crying in my beer.
Being lost and confused.
I look at the Seaside ocean.

I remember the breeze of the mountain air.
The hawk sitting across from me.
“Whispering know the real joy of life.
Leave the shit behind.
Run with the wind.”

I watched the ocean dance.
She was calling me.
I wished to go to her.
Dance with the waves and be free.

I reached over and kissed my old love.
I told her. Thank you and found a true love.

I will run with wind.
I will dance with sea.
I will be free and strong.

                       13 Nov 2010