The human touch…

The human touch.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"The easiest gift to give is concern, time and to listen. In a world of fast pace and little time. We must slow down and show the people we love and need them."     

                       The human touch….

People can get lost. They feel they are alone. They are blinded to reasons to be alive and go forward. Many ways to find dead-ends in a life. Lost love, isolation from the people we love and need. Bad times and locked doors of opportunity.

We can get scared. Fall down and can’t find the way to hope. Some folks can find peace and salvation in prayer. Some of us need kind words and a helping hand. I believe we have forgot the old way. The human touch. We forgot how to listen and pay attention to the people around us.

Some people  find peace in silence. Salvation in self-pity. Living and dying alone. They forgot the joyous dances in the light of love and life. Their bleeding heart leaving little of one person life lived. Some battles are a constant struggle.
They are lost before they were started.

We need the old ways. Where neighbors talks to each other. When people had long conversation about anything. Where laughter was easy and time for friendship. Is part of our life.

The human touch. A free hug. A shared joke. Showing concern for someone in pain. I believe the world is moving too fast. No time for concern. We forgot kindness, we forget how to talk to each other. We must slow down.

Stop and communicate. Ask real questions of concern. Because we care for friends and family.

I like when  a stranger shared a smile and a hello. Simple gifts we can give freely. Can change  a day for another person. Kindness birth hope. Love bring life to the dead in dreams and in spirit.

We must slow down and have concern for the world around us. The human touch is needed for us to know peace in our life.

                                    January 2013