A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"We look in many places for what we need and want. Most times what we need is in front of our face."                           


There are many way to live the ancient man told me.
“Can swim in shit or learn from the mistakes and rise up in a better place.
We hope and wish for things we cannot have. I don’t know. Is it wrong to ask for more?
I believe never ask for less. Better to reach for the moon and the sun than swim in the
sewers of life.”

 Pretty woman laid with me on a soft sleeping bag.
Her eyes hazel green looked like dancing stars.
She told me. “I like when you speak freely.  I want to know and feel your desires.
I want us free and wild. Real gifts of love hide no secrets. Two people without
fear will strip away their fears. Allow the fire of passion to be alive and strong.”

We stood on the ridges of the great mountains. We found places where the ancient one’s prayed and I listen
to the secret in the wind. I hear Nature crying. The once free land is filled with people.
Pollution choking the clean air. Less animals to be seen. Polluted water killing off the sea life.
It seem no-one cared. Each day the needed trees are cut down. Factories are sending poison
into our water, soil and air. The two pathfinders watches and cannot change the path of man.

Pretty woman whispered.”All we can do is say farewell, farewell to the fresh air. Farewell to the clean water.
Farewell to the great forest and the beast of the land. The slow  ascent of man will be sad. The
epiphany of man will be short and not so sweet. Man will leave the legacy of a murder, waster and abusing of all things beautiful.”

I thanks my kind friend. I told her. I appreciate her being with me on my quest of being a pathfinder
of questions.  I knew the answers already.

I whispered a prayer to the mountain, air and earth.

                   Thank you for the gift of fresh air.
                   Thank you for the sweet and tasty water of the great lakes.
                   Thank you for the great forest and grand mountains.
                   Thank you for earth that grow our needed food.
                   We are few that appreciate Nature and her gifts.
                   The Great Spirit. I know he is sadden by the deeds of men.
                   I pray we learn very soon.
                   We need you Mother Nature.
                   More than you need us.

Me and my kind friend walked to the valley.
We walked in silence.
Sometime we need to be one with Nature.
Appreciate her. She is alive and need to be protected.
I pray we learn soon.

Air, water and earth is the base of life.