Dear Shoni..

Dear Shoni

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"A poem for a dear friend."

Dear Shoni

(Kind woman, once helped a homeless boy. Had cancer. Only thing I do is pray.)

Love is measured by the joy, warmth and memory we create and teach. Lovely Shoni, dear grandmother, dear mother and lovely woman made a home for many children, including myself. A home is measured by the laughter, the feeling of safeness and a place where you can go to rest, gathered strength.

Once homeless boy found dear Shoni and her kind husband. Allowed him to be added to the house filled with children. Now the boy, a old man tried to be like dear Shoni. Wide open door, a noisy house filled with laughter and tomfoolery.

Thank you dear Shoni for showing me what love is. Love is family near, calm voice and big heart.

John Castellenas