I am jealous of the sea…


I am jealous of the sea..

Was a beautiful Dust of the day coming and I watched you dance with the sea. I told the falling sun, the rising moon. I am jealous of the sea.

The sea had stole your heart and you adore the sea, the Pacific. I want to be like the ocean water. Able to touch your feet, at will. To make you joyous and to make you smile.

You call me your sea, you call me, your dancing poet. My wild eyes, my crazy thoughts and my never ending hunger to test and taste life. Make you smile.

You lay your cold feet across my lap and I caress your feet near the sea. I look into ocean eyes of deep wildness and a million journeys. I tell you.

I am jealous of the sea. The sea owned your heart and eyes. You smile, kiss my hands and you tell me. I love you more than the sea. You are my Winter storm, my Spring time dancer and my dream maker. We love the great storms and we love to suicide board the dangerous water in January. You awoke my heart to the understanding, life isn’t work only, life is being with the sea and love near.